Membership Pricing

We offer flexible membership plans to meet all types of spaces and needs.  Some of our membership plans include a “Credit”.  This is money back that can be used towards other rentals and services.*

Pricing Table

General Membership$50.00 $95.00
Virtual Office$0.00 $40.00
Dedicated Workstation$50.00 $300.00
Dedicated Adjustable Workstation$50.00 $325.00
Office Membership$75.00 $450.00
Large Office Membership$100.00 $795.00
Flex Office space with cubicles$100.00 $750.00
Display Room Membership$50.00 $400.00
Small Conference Room Bucket of Hours 10$200.00
Media Room Bucket of Hours 10$300.00

Member Price List

Members have the option to rent or use other services at a discounted rate.

non-member rental pricing.xlsx

Workstation per 1/2 Day$20.00
Workstation per Day$35.00
Adjustable Workstation per 1/2 Day$25.00
Adjustable Workstation per Day$45.00
Small Conference Room per Hour$35.00
Small Conference Room per Day$185.00
Media Room per Hour$40.00
Media Room per 1/2 Day$110.00
Media Room per Day$195.00
Private Office per Day$150.00
Private Office per 1/2 day$100.00
FLEX Office per day$125.00
FLEX Office per 1/2 Day$85.00
Display Room per Day$95.00
Display Room per 1/2 Day$65.00
Day Pass$30.00
1/2 Day Pass$20.00
Color Print per Page$0.40
B&W Print per Page$0.15
non-member rental pricing.xlsx

Non-Member Price List

We also offer the option for non-members to use our facilities.  This is great for out-of-town guests who need a place to work for the day.  

Member Rental Pricing

Workstation per 1/2 Day$15.00
Workstation per Day$25.00
Adjustable Workstation per 1/2 Day$20.00
Adjustable Workstation per Day$30.00
Small Conference Room per Hour$25.00
Small Conference Room per 1/2 day$100.00
Small Conference Room per Day$175.00
Media Room per Hour$30.00
Media Room per 1/2 Day$95.00
Media Room per Day$160.00
Private Office per Day$90.00
Private Office per 1/2 day$55.00
FLEX Office per day$75.00
FLEX Office per 1/2 Day$50.00
Display Room per Day$75.00
Display Room per 1/2 Day$50.00
Day Pass$20.00
1/2 Day Pass$15.00
Color Print per Page$0.25
B&W Print per Page$0.10
Phone Service$35.00
Locker per Month$15.00

*Credit value is non transferable and has no cash value.  It is a one-time credit.  It cannot be used toward membership fees.