why coworking?

Why members choose coworking

The research is in and it shows that coworking spaces can help make most people more effective in their day to day work due to the high-energy nature coworking spaces along with the change in mindset over traditional working environments.



Inherently collaborative.

In coworking spaces, the person next to you may not work for the same business or organization that you do.  In fact, he or she may be in a different line of work altogether.  This creates a unique environment of perspectives, backgrounds, creativity and accountability that might otherwise not exist in a traditional workplace or work-from-home scenario.


Choose Cowork Williamsport

We offer a professional, comfortable and flexible place to connect, collaborate, and be productive.


Our unique membership platform allows members to pay only for what they need.  As their needs change, so can what we offer.

For Individuals

Cowork Williamsport can allow for working close to home without the distrations and isolation that comes from a home office.

For Companies

Membership can help lower your facility costs, reduce attrition and absenteeism.  It offers flexibility to enter into new regions without long-term leases.

How does coworking help members?


of coworkers are more productive


enjoy feeling less isolated


enjoy a more flexible work schedule


increased the size of their business network